Lovatt + Ricketts Sierra Trail Saddle

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Seat Size: 17.5″
Tree Width: Medium
Color: Black with Brown Accents
Serial Number: 1158321

The Sierra has been designed to give comfort and security to the trail rider. It features a traditional wood and spring steel tree, with a sculptured waist, proportional seat width for rider comfort and weight distribution a traditional Western riser adds security; sweptback points allow freedom of movement in the shoulder area. Our L&R® stainless steel hinged stirrup bars relieve any pressure on the horse, which can occur in this area and also are unobtrusive to the riders thigh. Close contact panels are constructed using the finest English woolen felt and pure latex rubber and then covered in high-grade wool serge. A traditional long billet system is fitted eliminating any discomfort under the leg caused by girth buckles.

Other Sierra Features
English premium grade fitting for attaching a breastplate, crupper or personal equipment.
Repositionable Velcro knee blocks
Weight approximately 17lbs (7.75kg) depending on seat size
Stirrup bars are not designed for SHOW JUMPING OVER HIGH FENCES