Crest Ridge Saddlery Sinclair Lite Saddle



Seat Size: 16″
Tree Width: Wide
Color: Black
Serial Number: 186
Other Features: Convertible Rigging (Option to use an English girth or a Western cinch)

Our unique Sinclair Lite saddle design combines the best features of English, Western and Plantation saddles. The Sinclair Lite offers exceptional value for riders looking for the comfort and style offered by a Plantation saddle. This saddle offers the seat comfort and security found in Western endurance saddles along with the leg comfort and break away of English style stirrup leathers. The Sinclair Lite saddle comes with endurance stirrups standard. The Sinclair Lite can be set up for English or Western rigging, along with many other saddle options. It is the lightest saddle we produce. As with all of our saddles, the Sinclair is built to order based on your measurements.

Our Sinclair Lite saddle design was inspired by plantation saddles from the South which we modified to take advantage of modern technology and our years of experience in leading organized trail rides. In our flare trees, the gaited horse‚Äôs shoulder is free to move and the rider is placed in the center balanced position that has been proven superior over centuries of riding. The Sinclair Lite offers a variety of rigging options to prevent galling and promote saddle stability. Crest Ridge Saddlery places a premium on rider comfort too. Our saddles have Supra-Cor padded gel-like seats covered with glove leather standard. We use only Wicket and Craig #1 leather, except for billets. For enhanced durability we use only stainless steel hardware and real Blevin’s buckles