Bench Work & Repairs

Flocking and Tree Adjustments

  • Strip Flock $350.00
    Removal of old wool, replace with new wool
    Includes a safety inspection of the tree.
  • On-Site Flocking charged at an additional rate
  • Convert Panels to Wool $250
    Please contact us for more information.
  • Add/Replace Quilting Stitches $75
  • Tree Adjustment $350
    Adjustment one width wider/narrower.
    Heat Treated, or Machine Press
  • Gullet Bar Change (most brands) $120
    Includes the price of gullet bar
  • ProLite Inserts (per pair) $25


Saddle Repairs

  • Billet Replacement $140-270
    If panels need to be dropped to replace billets, an
    additional $100 will be charged.
  • Add/Remove Point Billet or Sliding Rear Billet
    $175 per pair
  • Gullet Bar Change $80
    Includes cost of gullet bar
  • Wear Guards/Trim Strips $250
  • Seat Patching $85
  • Safety Inspection $85
  • Add Dee Rings at Cantle $85/pair
  • Replace Missing Hardware

Bridles, Halters, and Strapgoods

  • Keeper Repair/Replacement
  • Halter Repairs
  • Bridle Alterations
  • Elastic Repair/Replacement

Safety Inspections

If your saddle or equipment is found to be unsound and not repairable,
we will give you the option to ship your saddle back to you or we can
discard it for you. Please note: if the saddle is to be returned and deemed
unsound, it will be returned disassembled with the billets removed.