What does it Cost Per Ride in a New Saddle?

Understanding the long term value of your investment is important.

Cost Per Ride Ratio Formula:

Total cost of the Saddle / estimated number of days you’ll Ride in Saddle = the Cost Per Ride

One Year Breakdown:
For example, if you spend $3000 on a well fitting Saddle

Ride in the Saddle: 4 times per week computes to 208 rides per year (4 x52 weeks)

Dividing the initial investment of $3000 into the 208 rides per year = $14.42 Per Ride

Two Year Breakdown:

Ride in Saddle: 4 times per week computes 208 per year

x 2 year period: 416 ride per term = $7.21 Per Ride

Value, not low prices should be your focus when selecting a properly fitted saddle. Remember a bargain is only a bargain if you actually wear it.

Additional Examples for Three Year Breakdowns

$4000 Saddle/(624 rides)= $6.41 per ride               $5000. Saddle/(624 rides)= $8.01 per ride