Choosing the Correct Saddle

Choosing the correct Saddle is a two-fold process. Here are the Basics:

First, the Horse.

Correct tree design and structure must mirror the outline of the Horse’s back. The panel’s configuration must support the Horse’s shoulder and contour their sides and back. The shoulder is to be addressed at the tree point- not by running the hand down the side of the saddle. The contour of the sides must allow for no pressure areas, the hand must slide easily beneath the saddle. The Length of the saddle should not surpass the 18th rib. The gullet is to be “sufficient”, and this will be determined by the Horse’s unique conformation. There is no “4 finger rule”.


Second, the Rider.

The seat size is determined by the length of the femur of the Rider’s leg. The length and contour of the flap is determined by the length of the leg as well. The teardrop of the seat must support the bearing weight of the Rider evenly. There are varieties of teardrop shapes of the saddle; some are narrower, some broader- this must be determined from the comfort level of the Rider.

It is advantageous for the Rider to use our Mechanical horse and “feel” the twist, the depth of seat and the contours of the saddle itself.