Saddle Fitting

Looking for a new saddle? Having trouble with your existing saddle?

Have no fear! Arbitrage is here!

Whether you are looking for a new-new or new-used saddle, our saddle fitter, Deb Fabiani, will help you find a new saddle or improve the fit of your own saddle!

Deb has been an independent saddle fitter for over five years. Currently, she is finishing her apprenticeship to become a Qualified Saddle Fitter through the British Society of Master Saddlers, based in England.

She has has worked closely with brands such as Kent & Masters, Thorowgood, Amerigo, Vega, Barnsby, Bates, and many more. Deb has spent years researching the technology behind these extraordinary saddle makers to match horses and riders to the most appropriate brands and models. 

Our saddle fitting service begins with taking a static tracing of your horse to obtain an accurate size and shape, acquiring measurements from the rider, and discovering appropriate styles, models, and sizes that satisfy both the horse and rider.

To make a saddle fitting appointment, fill out the following inquiry today! We can’t wait to help you find the perfect fit.

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