Saddles provide equal weight distribution over the bearing surface of the horse. In efforts to provide a level of balance, the horse requires the contours of their back to be held in priority. There can be no restriction or impediment of the circle of muscles.

For the Horse, a properly fitting saddle will enhance elasticity, fluidity and balance.

For the Rider, a properly fitting saddle will insure balance, safety and enjoyment.

To achieve the suitability for the ever growing number of  shapes of Horse and Rider , there are several designs that will either  post positive or negative for the individuals. It may seem daunting to peel through the layers of Manufacturers and Models- as not any one brand will fit all horses.

After evaluating the Horse and preferences of the Rider, short listing models are in order. As there are many tried and true Manufacturers, and newer Makers entering the Saddle Trade, I have narrowed my field of vision and carry my preferences for quality and flexible Fitting Solutions. 

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