Leg & Hoof Protection

I have seen too many tragedies from poorly wrapped polos, too tight, too loose, uneven- so I am not a fan.

The goal in leg protection is to keep your horse's sensitive ligaments and bone structures safe during riding. Any type of riding. The use of a well fitting boot provides structure and support to areas of limited blood supply. Excessive torque will strain extremely vulnerable ligaments-their only protection is our care and maintenance. 

Just as human athletes will use shin guards and sleeves to protect from excessive stretch, horses require the same courtesy.

For Jumping or Cross Country, use of boots is a no-brainer however please consider use when trail riding to protect against branches and brambles, as well as assisting in support for grades +/-

Boots should always be clean and dry.

I am particularly fond of the Equi-fit Boot series. They are comprised of medical grade polymer liners for compression and release, as well as removable for cleaning. The hard outer shell disperses pressure from impact. Good boot. 

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