Are you looking for a new bit? An upgrade? Not have a clue where to begin?

Choosing a bit can be difficult. There a numerous cheekpieces and mouthpieces to pick, and hundreds of combinations. Arbitrage Tack can help you find a bit that works with your horse so you don't have to keep working against them! 

We offer premium brands like Myler, Herm Sprenger, and Stübben. Each bit has been designed by teams of professionals who have done extensive research with veterinarians, riding professionals, and desgin engineers. These brands have created mouthpieces that consider the anatomy of the horse's mouth to improve and encourage comfortable communication between rider and horse. 

Bits from JP Korsteel, Centaur, and Happy Mouth offer lines of traditional bits that work extraordinarily well with the uncomplicated mount's mouth. 

Still unsure about which bit to start with? Our bit rental program allows you to use our bits for a fraction of the cost so you don't have to keep building that collection you've been working on for years and years. Click here for more information about our bit rental programs!