Our consignment program has something for everyone!

We always have a wide selection of used saddles to meet your needs and fit your budget. 

Our consignment will always find a home. Once items are expired they can be picked up by the consignor or items can be surrendered to Arbitrage Tack for donation to the following charitable riding programs:

We accept

  • Saddles deemed "good" quality by our knowledgeable staff.



  • Saddles should be in good condition.
  • Arbitrage Tack may charge an additional cleaning fee if consigned items are excessively dirty.

Unacceptable Items:

  • Saddles will not be accepted if the tree is compromised.
  • We do not accept saddles with torn leather.
  • We do not accept saddles with mold or mildew.

After consulting with the consigner, Arbitrage staff members will place the most appropriate prices on your items.


  • Saddles are accepted for consignment are assessed by our saddle fitter to test the condition and assign appropriate pricing for these items. Please make an appointment, or allow time to have your saddle inspected for integrity and condition prior to placing it on consignment.

The Consigner agrees to allow the saddle to leave the store for a limited period of time for trial and approval by customer. The customer taking the saddle on trial will be required to leave credit card information to secure that the condition of the saddle is maintained during the trial period.

Terms of consignment


  • For saddles consigned in our 6-month program, Arbitrage Tack will collect $200.00 or 10% of sale price (whichever is less) as commission. 

All dirty items are subjected to a $10-25.00 cleaning fee; this includes saddles or other leather goods.

Items will expire under contract 3 to 6-months after the date of intake. It is the consignor's responsibility to be up-to-date with the status of their items. 

Consignment Programs & Fees

6 Month In-Store & Online Listing

  • Fee: $175.00
  • Saddles will be displayed in-store and advertised online for 6 months
  • Saddles will be taken on fitting appointments with our Qualified Saddle Fitter
  • Commission rate to Arbitrage Tack is $200.00 or 10% of sale price (whichever is less).

3 Month Online Listing

  • Fee: $75.00
  • Saddle is advertised on our website and promoted on various forms of social media.
  • Consignor is responsible for storage and shipment of the saddle.
  • Arbitrage Tack does not collect commission on these saddles.