Thorowgood T8 Jump Saddle

The Thorowgood T8 Jump saddle is specialist showjumping saddle designed to improve your jumping technique. It is built on a new tree which has a longer, swept-back points to support the front of the panel and allow freer shoulder movement. The secure seat, close-contact design and adjustable thigh and calf supports help you maintain a better balanced and improved position when jumping. The saddle features a broad, wool flocked panels and girthing options to maximize contact and saddle stability, while the quality of leather seat and knee pads give the feel of riding on an all-leather saddle.


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  • Relatively easy to fit but bearing surfaces should be maximized due to more shape with a medium withered and average built back
  • Standard depth gussets provide a balanced fit


Available In:

Colors: Black or Brown
Seat Size: 17”, 17.5”
Gullet: R Bar (widths Narrow Medium to X-Wide/XX-Wide)